Multi CDN vs Single CDN

Single CDN

A single CDN solution is recommended for companies that are only targeting certain geographic locations while the scale is still at its growing phase to distribute their website content globally.

Single CDN solution may be suitable for most market needs if website content/applications are mostly static; media streaming, social media platform, or web-based application may experience difficulties when delivering content to end users if traffic is above average.

Multi CDN

With Multi CDN, since multiple CDNs from different locations are available simultaneously, it is possible to deliver website content to users globally at its optimal speed. Not just speed, Multi CDN also serves the purpose of providing website a content delivery network redundancy solution, which allows it to avoid downtime and remain functional if any underlying CDNs failed.

A Multi CDN strategy can provide superior performance, reliability, and competitive advantage. With global acceleration including China, WAF, and DDoS protection can be your only solution or part of a Multi CDN strategy.