Why is RUM important (for modern web applications)?

Companies invest heavily in enterprise and synthetic monitoring of their cloud hosting and infrastructure, but research has shown these monitoring only contributes to 26% of the latency involving the entire customer access journey.

Customer access journey starts when a customer starts loading the web applications from their mobile or desktop devices and goes through their ISPs, then Cloud Service Providers (CSP) or Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

This journey typically contributes to 74% of the latency and often is not monitored and online business has no control over it, leading to unpredictable customer experiences. 

RUM has none of these issues

With real user monitoring, companies are able to improve their results as:

  1. Real User Measurements help correlate data for a holistic understanding.
  2. Builds confidence so you can commit to business objectives.
  3. Eliminates blind spots in your website monitoring and prevents everyday problems from becoming costly issues
  4. Monitor end-user experience (time to load, loading time, etc) instead of just your web application uptime.
  5. Proactive customer success management, find and fix problems faster, avoid them in the first place and make confident decisions about web performance.