End-user (last mile)

The source of query or the final destination of the web content.

HTTP request methods

HTTP defines request methods to indicate the desired action to be performed for a given resource. These methods are sometimes referred to as HTTP verbs, although they can also be nouns (e.g. HEAD and OPTIONS).  Often, the resource in consideration, corresponds to a file or an output of an executable residing on the server. By …

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From IP address to Domain name

The internet is like a vast map of interconnected computers and devices, full of avenues and streets, wherein each computer can be located using an address within the network. Just like real houses not having the same street addresses, you won’t find two computers connected to the internet that have the same address. Though, unlike …

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What is real user monitoring (RUM)?

Real user monitoring (RUM) is a crowdsourcing technique to capture, analyze, and report a website’s performance as experienced by actual users. It helps you to answer some of the toughest questions regarding your user’s experience: How fast is your website actually loading on user’s browsers? How well are users able to load your website from …

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