The edge servers that cache web content to improve website performance.

What is an internet exchange point (IXP)?

An Internet Exchange Point can be defined as the physical infrastructure through which content delivery networks (CDNs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) exchange the Internet traffic between their networks. IXPs are not internet service providers but they allow various network operators to exchange traffic with other operators. An exchange point will not sell you anything …

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What is an edge server?

An edge server is any type of server that resides on the logical edge of two networks, typically between a private network and the internet. It can serve many purposes depending on the context. The major purpose of the content delivery network is to store content at the closest location to the requesting client machine, …

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Multi CDN vs. Single CDN

Single CDN A single CDN solution is recommended for companies that are only targeting certain geographic locations while the scale is still at its growing phase to distribute their website content globally. Single CDN solution may be suitable for most market needs if website content/applications are mostly static; media streaming, social media platform, or web-based …

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