How Multi CDN can protect your website?

Mitigate cyber attacks

Multi CDN can directly mitigate and even out attack requests/traffics to all available CDNs to maintain uptime without affecting website operation. However, most IT experts find it challenging to manually manage CDN distribution under stressful attack scenarios. 

Most Multi CDN options on the market are still very manual-driven or are just using basic distribution mechanism such as round-robin. A tool with a centralized load balancing mechanism that can rotate healthy CDNs intelligently like mlytics’s AI Load Balancing feature is the recommended solution.

Prevent downtime

When a website is experiencing internet outage with limited redundancy options, much can’t be done but to hope the providers come back online. Even for a website with CDN implemented, it is still possible to experience CDN outage, which can be problematic for a website that relies on CDN heavily to deliver their content.

A proper Multi CDN platform can automatically detect outages or even performance issues, and perform load balancing to distribute traffic to other healthy CDNs.

Do keep in mind that not all Multi CDN platforms can provide such a feature. Most “Multi CDN” platforms only offer multiple CDNs bundled together without a true centralized load balancing mechanism.